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Samantha Godwin

Resident Fellow
Information Society Project, Yale Law School


My research focuses on questions of paternalism, autonomy and consent - especially in bioethics, family law and health law - and the relationship between individual rights and the claims of groups, states and collectives.  

Select Publications


Children's Capacities and Paternalism,
Journal of Ethics, (2020). 


Ethics and Public Health of Driverless Vehicle Collision Programming, 
86 Tennessee Law Review 135 (2018).

Whither the “Improvement Standard”? Coverage for Severe Brain Injury after Jimmo v. Sebelius,

 Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 44 (2016): 182. 

(co-authored with Joseph Fins, Megan Wright, Claudia Kraft, Alix Rogers, Marina Romani and Michael Ulrich)


Against Parental Rights,

47 Columbia Human Rights Law Review. 1, 1 (2015).

Bad Science Makes Bad Law, How The Deference Afforded to Psychiatry Undermines Civil Liberties,

10 Seattle Journal of Social Justice 647 (2012).


Social Construction of False Necessities and the Material Basis of Socio-Legal Power,

32 Pace Law Review 362 (2012).


Children’s Oppression, Rights and Liberation, 

4 Northwestern. Interdisciplinary Law Review 247 (2011)

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